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Working on a ML project and looking for an open source LLM that can be used in a commercial environment. As far as I’m aware, products cannot be built on LLAMA. I don’t want to use GPT since the project will be using personal information to train/fine tune the models.

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I think you might be confusing the GPT software (a generative pre trained transformer) with the finished product, an LLM (large language model.) A GPT has no training until you give it materials. I do believe Google released the code for theirs ages ago. Even without source, you can run a GPT against your own data locally, or on a cloud service setup for that purpose. This is how Bloomberg, for example, created a financial LLM. They used a GPT to train on their own financial data. reply

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Cerebras-GPT is licensed under Apache-2.0 and permits commercial use… reply

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You could use GPT-J ( reply

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