Knip scans your JavaScript and TypeScript projects for unused files, dependencies and exports: things that can be removed! Less code means better performance and less to maintain, important for both UX and DX!..

How to set up a project with Nuxt 3 and Vuetify 3 with themes and Icon Fonts

A simple step by step guide walking you through the setup and config process of the brand new Nuxt 3 and Vuetify 3 frameworks…

Why I avoid async/await

One final point on try/catch. There is a reason you don’t generally see patterns embracing the try/catch paradigm many places in JavaScript. Because unlike in other languages where you do see it more often, such as Java, a try block in JavaScript immediately opts that section of code out of many e…

includes bit about avoiding inline anonymous function …

Found the dispatch suggestion useful for functions which require it outside a React component…

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